Promoting recurring donations
on Facebook

Lead the design to help donors support nonprofits on a recurring basis on
the donation holiday GivingTuesday
Timeline: 5 Months (June 2022 - Nov 2022) 

Check out the Recurring Giving Season product.
Launched this campaign to 239 million people on Nov 28, 2022 (GivingTuesday) with a estimated 9x increase in recurring donations.

The People Problem

There's been a declining trend in donations, how might we focus on long term growth of the donation experience on Facebook?

Promoting Recurring Donations

While working with the Product Manager, we saw an opportunity on the major donation holiday, GivingTuesday. It is a day which Facebook promotes donating on the platform through a quick promotion with a $7 million dollar match for recurring donations(below).

Nonprofits Experience

While working with a data analysis, we concluded that Quick promotions alone wouldn't hit goal of 85K recurring donors.
I saw an opportunity to further promote recurring donations throughout facebook, by updating the Nonprofit pages which allowed nonprofits to create monthly specific donation pages.

Recurring Campaign Experience

There was a short and hard timeline due to launching on Tue, Nov 28, 2022 for GivingTuesday. This forced me to design quickly and update all 15+ surfaces throughout facebook - here are a few pages.

1. Recurring donations Entry point

2. Recurring Nonprofit Campaign to focus on recurring

The complexity aroused when we needed to onboard fundraisers to create GivingTuesday specific campaigns. So we had to create specific flows based on days prior to GivingTuesday and then during giving Tuesday.

Updates to Checkout Screen

Updated the nonprofit designs to add a donate monthly button and a "Recurring donation upsell"

1. Recurring donations entry point

2. Checkout default to monthly donations

3. Recurring Nonprofit Campaign


1. With 11+ surfaces being affected by this adding recurring experience, it's important to break down the flow of all screens early on in the project and share with all engineers, product managers, and designers.

2. By being aggressive for new tactics for GivingTuesday it allowed us to reach the match budget of $7 million dollars.