ComeHome is a consumer focused platform targeting homeowners and homebuyers on making their next real-estate decision. I was tasked to design a brand new homeowner experience tailored to the 86 million homeowners in the United States.

Role: Lead Product Designer
Team: 2 Product Managers, 7 Developers, 1 QA Engineer
Product: iOS App / Android App / Desktop (

The Problem

How do we provide value to homeowners in making their next real-estate decision?

Key Metrics and Goals

By identifying what the top needs of a homeowner, what would provide the most value to homeowners, while providing lead generation to potential partners.


By identifying what the top needs of a homeowner, what would provide the most value to homeowners, while providing lead generation to potential partners.

Based on the survey results, we noticed homeowners wanted to lower their overall home expenses and improve home value. Features that we will be later addressing in our project.

Competitive differentiation

After analyizing the features on other competative apps. and from the survey results. Our competative advantage lies in our accurate valuation with a future state of insured home values. Furthermore, we have data and potential home improvement scenarios.


When I first started on the wireframes, our approach was to focus on differentials and the survey results above. I.E - Reducing property expeneses through solar, lower property tax calculator, and home improvement scenarios.

User Testing

I did two variations of the user test, one with multiple click throughsand another with only two variations, resulting in overall better engagement by the internal user test and stakeholder buy in.

Out of the various concerns, The number one issue we noticed from users was that

1. "Claiming a home has low discovery" - Leona

2. "You have so much information on my home details (concerned about privacy)" - Amber

When diving into the product they didn't see the value of claiming their home, and it wasn't until they reached the app that they found the homeowner experience to be useful.

Homeowner Claim Wireframe


Based on user testing, we went back to the drawing board to address the low discovery of homeowner and the security concern. After multiple iterations, we tried previewing the homeowner experience and incorporating verification questions, we directly addressed.

Homeowner Prototype - Web

Homeowner Prototype - WebAs we expand the experience from mobile to web, there's been a handful of iterations with additional area. We settled on a larger graph since that tested well during our use tests, down playing the home photos, as a large image didn't fit the homeowner use case.

Comehome Website


A couple of trade offs were made, even though features such as tax savings, and solar were created. It did not provide enough value to stakeholders needs and there were several developer contraints - users one didn't know what tax savings was and two it was a little difficult to develop in the short timeframe given. In order to provide value, we focused on cost savings and home improvement scenarios as core features.

We will be ultilizing NPS scores to analyze product success amongst users early. Then user analytics on drop offs and retention.